REC & Associates’ visits to various institutes.

IIM Ahmedabad    IIM Ahmedabad

This year was REC’s 5th consecutive year at IIM Ahmedabad. Earlier this academic year, REC addressed the first year students of IIM Ahmedabad with a session “Summer Placement Preparation”. The lecture for the covered various aspects related to summer placements such as interviews, sector based preparation and HR based questions in detail. It turned out to be a highly interactive program.

IIM Bangalore    IIM Bangalore

In the middle of a horrifically busy city there is an oasis of quiet excitement. REC‟s program was the first of its kind. A place-com member said, “We are 2 years behind the others in inviting you. I hope we have a closer association and you can come here again this year”. The lecture was received enthusiastically with much “Bangalore-style” applause. Several students waited after the lecture for consultations. Several others called to ask when they could meet us in Mumbai for further consultations.

IIM Calcutta    IIM Calcutta

REC created history at IIM Calcutta! Hardly ever had an optional program, at that time of the year, had the kind of attendance that REC‟s program saw. Students of the first year and second year waited for us to share our best strategies for corporate success. The lecture, under the title “From Internship to PPO: How to convert your summer placement into a pre-placement offer” was conducted for the first year students. The lecture for the final year students was called “What do HR professionals look for when they recruit?” When the lecture ended well past midnight, Roy Sir left the stage to standing applause.REC has been visiting IIM C for the past 3 years.


The Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), perhaps the foremost institute for HR studies in Asia, invited REC to conduct a training program. The lecture, studded with wit and laughter, shared valuable information on landing the best campus placements. There were also public interviews to demonstrate what is looked for by different sectors. The seminar was followed by a lot of personal interaction as the students had a lot of questions, so much so that the session ended hours late. This was the 3rd year of the program at XLRI.

irma    IRMA

When the proposal came from here, our Mentor forbade us from discussing money. He said that it was an honour and a duty to go to IRMA. A professor actually asked, “What is a capitalist doing at IRMA?” But the students seemed to know the answer. They have asked us for a continuing contract. We conducted lectures, interviews and consultations there, which will now probably be expanded.

IIM indore    IIM Indore

It was a 6 day program for placement training, in January’14. Our team conducted group discussions and personal interviews. The sessions often ran from 8 o’clock in the morning to very late at night. The approval of the students was reflected in the response of the post graduate program. We were invited to do a full 2 credit course on communication and negotiation for the first years. This program was held in February. We were invited again in August for a month’s program to train their entire first year PGP batch for Summers and in December to train the entire second year PGP batch.

mica    MICA

Typically MICA, the program was virtually a non-stop interaction over two nights and a day. After the extended lecture and mocks, there were continually circulating batches of tens of students attending discussions, consultations and interviews in Roy sir’s rather informal rooms. Even his supposedly business lunch with the faculty placement co-ordinator was punctuated with rather interesting student visits and consultations. It took Roy sir 24 hours of sleep in Mumbai, just to recover! We are officially talking about going there every year.

tiss    TISS

The lecture at TISS was different, as expected. A student raised his hand and said, “I am a socialist”. Another said, “You suggest that we should select careers logically. Quantum mechanics demonstrates the value of randomness. Wouldn’t that be better?” Under these chaotic circumstances we got perhaps the most positive feedback ever.

IIM Lucknow    IIM Lucknow

It was a session similar to the others, but with an addition of 20 Personal Counseling Sessions. The program ran virtually all night and extension sessions have been arranged both this year in Mumbai and for next year on campus. The coordinator mentioned, 'We have never had such a crowd for any session on campus'.

fms    FMS Delhi

There was a lecture on Summer Internships with emphasis on specific profiles that were being offered on campus. Thereafter there was a long discussion on experiences of previous internees at relevant companies and sectors. This helped to focus on what each internee would need to work on and evaluate in order to build a career that would be in keeping with the given personality and CV. Given the small numbers at FMS, Roy Sir was able to address individual concerns and preparation patterns.

fms    IIFT

In this program, we addressed two campuses simultaneously. IIFT Kolkata was on live streaming while the Delhi campus was present in person. We focused on final presentations, PPI‟s and subconscious behavioral impressions during Summer Internships. Live Interviews with audience evaluations were used to show and un-show what HR professionals were likely to deduce.

IIM kozhikode    IIM Kozhikode

Perhaps the most beautiful campus in India once again gave us one of the most memorable training programs. Summer placement training was conducted over five days for the first year PGDM. The starry night discussions, on topics relevant and irrelevant, on the curving hill roads of K were memorable. Many students have stayed in touch with our faculty for advice and guidance thereafter.

IIM ranchi    IIM Ranchi

Roy Sir conducted a training session for the students of IIM Ranchi,, one of the fastest growing IIMs. As the placements have been dwindling even at the best institutes this year,the students were curious to know how Roy Eddington-Charles & Associates’ students were landing the best placements at all the major institutes. The lecture hall was packed with the PGP II students, who had many questions regarding placement this year. Roy Sir finally left the seminar hall late at night, with a promise to come back again next year.


REC‟s very first session at NMIMS was a lecture on placement options, opportunities and preparation. It was attended by first year students who were trained on „how to convert their summer internships into final placements‟. The hall was filled to overflowing. The standing ovation didn’t end there. A large number of those students contacted us for further training and help, both in person and by mail.

simshree    SIMSREE

Our training program at Sydenham‟s management institute was aimed at the first year and second year MMS and PGDM students. The session was on interview skills, choice of specialization, choice of sector and company, characteristics of the most successful candidates, group discussion, HR evaluations and psychometrics. It was attended by the entire batch and was followed b rather extravagant compliments. We then conducted a two week long program on group discussions and personal interviews.