Who Is Roy E Charles?

Mr. Roy Eddington Charles was formerly Director, IPSER-India, along with internationally reputed psychologists such as Prof. B. De (London Univ.), Dr. Uday Pratap Singh (VC, Bhagalpur Univ.) and Dr. SK Prasad (Director, NCDS, IGNOU). They formulated training and evaluation modules for educational and business organizations.

He was also Country Manager (Radan Products) at Technosoft and then Executive Director, ORB Technologies where he was consultant to several institutions including Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Narmada Valley Development Authority, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh Dept. of Education etc. He has trained literally tens of thousands of managers and potential managers at various corporations, management and engineering institutions, over the years.

He is now mentor at REC which conducts training programs all over India. He has now been invited to lecture at several universities in the rest of Asia and North America.

Roye Charles

Roy E Charles @ IIM Ahmedabad taking classes and educating young management students in getting placement offers.

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