Our trainers have, representing various organizations, consulted for, and trained junior, middle and senior managers at, corporations in the public and private sectors including HPCL, BPCL, Aegis Logistics, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Narmada Valley Development Authority, VK Translines, TIME, ORB Technologies, IPSER India etc.


'The knowledge gained about social, cultural and business realities really helped a lot in dealing with everyone and improving interdepartmental relations. This training specifically encouraged the trainees to take control of their professional and personal responsibilities and guided them to mould their future well. We are thankful to M/s REC & Associates for helping our officers build their personalities. We are confident this will go a long way in improving efficiency and ability of our officers.'P.V. Narayanan (VP, Operations, Aegis Logistics Ltd)

‘I enjoyed the session thoroughly because it was fun and full of enthusiasm. It helped me figure out what things I need to work on, which of my answers are not prepared and particularly which answers need to be changed (This is the toughest part because genuine information on this is rarely available.’(Hari Narayan Mishra), IIM Ahmedabad.

‘The session by Roy sir during pre-placement was very helpful. It provided us a solid base to prepare for the final placements. The mock interviews specifically gave us insights into what the interviewer expects of us and helped me prepare for questions that would have thrown me off during the interview. Also the introspection exercise suggested by Sir was helpful not only for interviews but also for understanding myself and working on my shortcomings.’Ashish Naik, IIM Ahmedabad - 2012 Batch.

‘Mr. Roy Charles took a holistic interview, asking questions ranging from academics to music, economics to spirituality. Not only did his questions have a fabulous range, but the in-depth questioning he did when I would bring up a subject helped me gauge my level of understanding about that particular area. So in short, post a thirty-minute interview, I knew what topics I should spend the next one month preparing for. His ideas to crack interviews were ingenious, and his feedback helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses better.’Arushi Chopra,, IIM Ahmedabad.

‘The session should have been longer since it felt like Mr. Charles had a lot more insights to share. Excellent work though! It was indeed most valuable!’ Manish Sharma, PGP27 - IIM Lucknow.

‘Roy Sir made us aware of the kind of mistakes that we could make in a professional environment. The lessons learnt will definitely help me make my internship experience better.’ Sonia Singh, PGP27 - IIM Lucknow

'The session was excellent and there was a lot to learn for everybody and especially those who have not worked much in a corporate environment. Roy Sir's way of explaining things was so subtle and nice that everybody was totally engrossed in it. Truly enjoyed the session.’ Ritesh Gupta, IIFT Kolkata.

‘Very informative and educational. Replete with real-life examples as well. On another note, I really admired his skill and eloquence as an orator for being able to hold everyone's attention for as long as he did and as well as he did.’Abhimanyu Das, IIFT Delhi

‘It was an amazing learning experience. Roy Sir pointed out certain facts that are obvious but often ignored. The workshop gave us an insight on what Royecharlesruiters look for. Given his feedback and tips, I guess most of us would be able to obtain a PPO/PPI. A huge thank you from the students of IIFT. We would love to host his workshop for our incoming batch and the batches to come.’Riddhi Ahuja , IIFT Delhi

‘The session with Roy Sir helped me to realize my strengths. Sir shared basic etiquette for the interview and subtle observations that we tend to overlook. For all my final interviews, I revised the key points/ learning's / mistakes of the mock interview done with Roy Sir. He was very thorough during the interview and covered all the important points of my candidature as mentioned in the resume.’Abhinav Bhalla, IIM Ahmedabad - 2012 Batch